I would love to say my race went amazing… Actually I would love to say I made it to my race. Sadly an email was sent out the night before at 8pm stating that the start times listed on USA cycling were incorrect, and that the correct times could be found on the event coordinators website.

Unfortunately I didn’t see this message until five minutes before my race started.

Thirty minutes away.

While I was (and am) pretty upset that I missed out on the fun, I’m sure it happened for a reason, and I still had a lovely day getting some errands done and spending good quality time with my Virginia Family. Also, I only have to wait another week before I’m headed to Charlottesville, VA for the Jefferson Cup series! I hope you all are enjoying the warm weather and the cycling season as much as I am.

Ride safe!

– Michael

“Earn Your Tailwind”

11 thoughts on “Disappointment

    1. sittingintransit April 16, 2019 — 8:10 pm

      Always! You as well!

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      1. Thank you.😊 Are u a bike rider only?

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      2. sittingintransit April 17, 2019 — 12:57 pm

        I am a runner and a swimmer too, but my niche is cycling. It’s what I’m best at and what I really enjoy 🙂 what about you???

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      3. Wow great😊. Me? I am only a college student haha. But I do blogging now on whats going on to mylife. And sadly I have no sports 😞

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      4. sittingintransit April 17, 2019 — 8:16 pm

        There’s nothing wrong with that! It is never too late start one!

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      5. Okay I’ll try but I hope it suits me whatever sports I’m gonna choose.😊.


      6. To start, I would just walk. Yoga and swimming are low impact.

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  1. Hey, I’m really sorry to hear that you couldn’t be part of that race … Frankly I was waiting to hear more about it after your previous post. But hey, I love your outlook about it, looking at the bright side of things. I wish you the very best for the next race. Love to hear about it 🙂

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    1. sittingintransit April 19, 2019 — 5:33 pm

      Thank you for those kind words! I was really REALLY bummed out about it. Good news is, I have another one tomorrow!! Happy riding

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      1. Oh hey, look at that! Have a great time. You’re gonna do great. Happy racing!

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