Good Vibes and Good Rides

I suppose I should try and be as meloncholy and stoic as possible as I write these posts yeah? Hah NOPE! I’m what you’d call a “Goofball”. It reflects in all areas of my life, including my riding… But that’s a topic for another time.

Today I decided I’d play with my new Wahoo ELMT bike computer and try the setting that said “FTP testing”. I don’t have a power meter, but what did I really have to lose? After gearing up, I was on the road and waiting for this beepy little brick to tell me what to do.

“125 w” it chimed at me.

“Huh. Must be an easy effort. Ooookay here we go dude! FTP testing… Cool…”

Suddenly the wattage the computer wanted increased… And increased again… And again… Then just stayed there. Of course I tried to mimic what each wattage would be through feel – This sadistic little box wanted me bent over vommiting on the side of the road. Happy hump day I guess.

Between not having an actual way of measuring power, fighting absurd winds, and bobbing and weaving through every obstacle the City of Norfolk had unintentionally put in the road (I’m looking at you, potholes) It was no surprise that my bike computer flashed a big fat “FTP TEST FAIL” at me, an hour later. At least I got some miles in.

While this may seem like a torturous experience to some, I had a blast! I got a great, strenuous workout from it, and I got to ride my bike, so this ride was a win in my book. Perhaps I’ll look into power meters in the near future, but for now, I’m enjoying the feeling of riding blind.

Ignorance is bliss, they say. Ignorance is bliss.

Keep Riding safely all!

– Michael

“Earn Your Tailwind”

2 thoughts on “Good Vibes and Good Rides

  1. Love a bit of passion and goofballness! It’s important in life!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sittingintransit April 18, 2019 — 10:57 am

      I 100% agree!!


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