Yesterday’s Bike Ride Made for a Better Today.

Work lasted somewhat longer than usual, and I made a quick detour on my way home to grab a haircut. What awaited me at home was totally worth it! My package from Pactimo.
For some background, I almost exclusively ride in pactimo shorts – they were the first manufacturer of cycling kit that I put on that felt perfect for me.
Sometimes I’ll switch the jerseys up, but my shorts are nearly always my trusty Pactimo bibs.
Anyways, I had decided to order a “surprise” jersey this time around. I’ll be doing some travel soon, and want my kit to stay usable. My jaw nearly hit the ground when I opened the package, the surprise jersey was one of their current big ticket items! It is absolutely beautiful. And even more so, because it was just a fraction of the price.
Wanting to see the sun set again today, I wasted no time in changing out into what what I consider the best attire ever – cycling clothes. Usual pre ride ritual done, I headed outside and got my tunes going, today was going to be a fairly relaxed ride, I would go about 17 miles east to the ocean and watch the last rays of the sun illuminate the clouds, then I’d chase the damn thing west and head home. Everything was going as planned, until the judgy little fitness brick that is my Wahoo bike computer beeped to indicate an upcoming Strava segment.
Now I’m no stranger to this segment, every time I pass through it I can’t help but push the gas, so push the gas I do! I found that I was actually able to maintain speed and feel pretty good about it, so without thinking that’s exactly what I did for the next hour. At one point a vehicle came within inches of my bike, and I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t feel a pang of fear, followed by annoyance and anger. How could someone be so careless?
Eventually my legs were screaming and I had a cramp in my side because I don’t drink enough water sometimes. I was telling myself “too far gone now, may as well finish what you started.”
And that’s exactly what happened!
The sunset wasn’t particularly spectacular, but as taking my perch on the boardwalk I noticed a gentleman with a camera approching – his name was Jamie and he was a photographer.

We chatted for awhile, Jamie and I. He told me of some of his work, and I told him about some of mine. That right there is the reason I ride, thanks Jamie. Eventually saddling up again, it felt as though I had briefly met a kindred spirit – I hope we meet again.
The commute back had an incredible tailwind, I felt as if I was flying all the way home. I seem to have found a sweet spot where I can maintain efficient speed while preserving as much energy as possible, I’ll have to use that at this weekends race. Have a nice ride all! Be safe, motorists can be super scary.

New Jersey.
New friends.
Free speed.
I hope you find yours!


“Earn Your Tailwind”

7 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Bike Ride Made for a Better Today.

  1. Love those days when it all falls into place: mind, body, spirit all in unison. Even on those days that don’t quite “connect,” we know that, on the bike, we’re the lucky ones. Nice ride!

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  2. That’s why we ride! Great post. Cool Jersey. Good conversation with a new friend. Nice ride. Only one jerk. Good stuff. I rode 10 miles before swimming yesterday to get some hills. Went without music and got close enough to a deer to hear it snort before putting up his tail and running off. No gopro so it’s a memory. Keep riding and writing!

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  3. Great write up. You’ve inspired me to ride Great Hill tomorrow. Plenty of Strava segments there to have a go at.

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    1. sittingintransit April 18, 2019 — 8:37 pm

      That excites me! I’m happy to have done that. Send it!

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  4. There have been a few time when I was biking and I was just flying. I thought I’d finally hit my stride, then I turned around to go home and was hit in the face with the reality that I’d been riding with a tailwind.
    The ride home was much tougher.

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    1. sittingintransit May 3, 2019 — 10:27 am

      Aren’t those just the worst? Haha but you also feel fantastic afterwards!


      1. I’m still biking, so yea.

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