The President & the Prime Minister

Goodness how time flies! There aren’t enough hours in a day it seems…

Leaving Algonkian Regional Park, I was on top of the world, full send, didn’t matter what the terrain was, I was gonna support my friends and have a blast doing it! I attacked the hills with a ferocity that surprised me, and flew down the declines with what I thought was sheer grace. One such hill that I flew down was insane – biggest one I think I’ve climbed to date. I slammed on my brakes halfway down for fear of going too quickly for safety in a residential area. Once I got down, it appeared that my GPS was having me cut through a golf course. No problem. Cart paths are fantastically smooth!

It was going well until I was about to enter the course – a man dressed casually, but wearing some kind of tactical vest stepped out of his vehicle. “Can’t go any further son, Course is closed.” Shit. I thought. It was then that I saw that identification of the man, I couldn’t see his name, but in big, bold, white letters were the words “SECRET SERVICE”. Ahhh you’ve got to be kidding me. Here? Now?

I profusely apologized, and asked permission to park there while I figured out how my route would change. He had no issues with it, and thankfully I was able to map a new route to Great Falls. The only issue was, that I couldn’t figure out what random hole in the universe that my bike GPS was taking me through. I stopped and looked up to see a golf cart of regular looking gentlemen rolling up from the course.

“You’re going to great falls? C’mon, we’ll show you the cart path.” wierd but OK. I mean how much weirder could it get? I thanked the gentlemen, and began to “hoof it” by bike. God almighty there was a moment I thought I would have to walk it up. But I did make it! I bid my climbing buddies farewell, and started to follow the path.

The route my GPS was taking me was not particularly ugly, but had the battery died, I would have been lost. The trees got thicker and thicker, until the only breaks in the foliage were made by massive, old houses that made the land seem even bigger. I was so far off the grid and it was… Beautiful. So many green, bright decents through the deep thick valleys these hills formed so many years ago. My version of heaven.

Seeing the clock, I realized it was time to move, and quickly. Laura would be at the 13.1 mile marker in around 2 minutes! As I came up to a gate in the northern part of the park, I shook my head in dismay. It was all dirt! So I did what anyone on a road bike would do.

Unfortunately, I don’t have as much time as I’d like, so a part III it is!

Goodnight all,

Michael Xavier

“Earn your tailwind”

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