The President & the Prime Minister pt.II

Life is a busy thing isn’t it? I’m stoked I have this as an outlet! Continuing where I left off last time, I had 2 minutes until the time I predicted that my friend, Laura, would cross the 13.1 mile marker of the 26.2 North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon. I was close to where I’d meet her, but not close enough as there was no clear path for me and my road bike. I whipped my bike around and started pumping, very much aware that this was gonna suck and that I was probably gonna hate every second of it – the things we do for friends right?I struggled up and down a series of rolling hills, back to the main highway. It didn’t seem very bike friendly, but no one honked at me so it beat riding at home! I eventually made it to the park entrance where there was a HUGE line of cars. Well see, I don’t normally like blowing past people, but I was one bike, I was getting into the park for free, and I was gonna see my friend. So blow past them I did. Turns out I was early! So I settled down to watch the world go by and anxiously wait. Where were they? Are they doing alright? C’mon guys! After about a half hour, I saw the familiar gait of my friend in the distance, alongside her brother. They’d made it!! I approached them and offered my encouragement, and then we each went out separate ways. They had a race to run, I had exactly 38 minutes to make it back to Algonkian Regional Park to see Ricky finish, and I was gonna make it.The ride back to algonkian sucked, I can’t lie. I was bonked, my body was shot, the wind was just plain unreasonable, and the hills made it even worse. On the way there at one point a gust of wind actually kicked my front tire from under me, and the only reason I didn’t land on my face was years of muscle memory. I did make it though! Just in the knick of time, with 3 minutes to spare. I sat at the finish line, the only person clad in snug fitting cycling attire with a goody grin on my face. My “brother” was about to finish and I was darn proud! Finish he did, he earned that beer.Once Ricky crossed the line and got his bearings back, I explained my plan to him. I was going to ride the bike back to the event parking, lock the bike up, change into normal clothes, and ride the shuttle back to see Laura and her brother finish. I was concerned I wouldn’t make it, so I had to be quick! This portion of the ride went a lot faster, in part because I knew the end was in sight. I made it back to my car without incident, and as I was putting my bike away I felt that pang of sorrow I always feel when I stop riding. I wish I didn’t ever have to.Walking to the shuttle and sitting down inside, I was able to unwind for the first time that day. Man. What a gnarly ride. One for the books! I began sneezing over and over again, almost uncontrollably as my body rejected the 17 tons of pollen I’d sucked in. I got some looks, but hey, I put out so it’s all good! The shuttle started moving and I resigned myself to my thoughts again. I hope I make it. I’m hungry. I wonder if I’ll actually drive back home tonight. Ooh that girl is kinda cute. Okay! We’ve arrived.Coming back to reality, I got up and hopped off the shuttle, and started jogging to the finish line. I can’t be late! Not seeing Ricky, or Laura’s family, I gave old boy a call, he was sitting in some nice green grass about half a mile up the course. Okay! So I started hoofing it up there. Eventually seeing Ricky the woodland elf, I strided up to him and plopped down. The app the event was using to track the runners was telling us that Laura had crossed the finish, but that was simply not possible as Ricky had been here the whole time. We waited. And waited. And waited. I started to worry, what if something happened? Are they OK? This went on for what felt like an eternity! (in reality it was about a half hour)Ricky and I decided it may be beneficial to start walking back to the finish, so that’s what we did. Still worrying, I kept looking back at the trail as we walked. I’m glad I did! About fifty meters from the finish, there they were! Coming up from behind us looking tired but happy, we cheered them on and watched them cross the finish, and cross an item off their bucket lists. I honestly could not be more proud of my friend in that moment.The beer was delicious ;)(Sierra Nevada, for anyone wondering)I hunger for more adventure!Ride safe, everyone.Michael“Earn Your Tailwind”

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