I’ve wanted to start a blog for about as long as I could remember, but I could never figure what I wanted to write about, or who I wanted my audience to be – do I post recipes and talk for ages about the many ways to roll dough? Do I talk about the trends in the economy that have ultimately led it to where it is today? CAT PICS?! Not a clue! Until recently that is.

Was chasing the sunrise near Fentress Airfield in VA! This was a seriously cold ride.

I’ve been a road cyclist for nine years now, it’s something that has always been there for me, and has never lost its magic. Whenever I’ve been happy, sad, angry, lost – my bike gave me something to throw all that raw emotion into. I started with triathlon, but having a very one track mind I soon saw that I was best at cycling and began to capitalize on it. Over the years I slowly grew into faster, stronger and mentally more capable rider than I ever thought I could be capable of – and I’ve gotten to share that passion along the way, which has ultimately given me the most satisfaction.
I opened myself to a new facet of road cycling in the spring of 2017, competative cycling. In a short two years I’ve launched myself into a world of circuits, criteriums, and endless amounts of road rash or so it seems. My competitive side loves the rush of racing. My emotional side (cried during all the How to Train Your Dragon movies, no shame) loves chasing sunrises and connecting with other riders. And my logical side has a figurative hard on for bike maintenance – at twenty four years old it would appear that I have found my niche.
Something I consistently say to myself, a mantra of sorts when I ride is the phrase “Earn Your Tailwind”. To me there’s nothing that beats the rush of cruising down the road on a vehicle powered by pure happiness and ATP, with mother nature herself egging you on. But oftentimes to get that experience you need to struggle through some nasty headwinds. And it sucks! My legs hate it. I hate it. My bike hates it. My brain wants me to turn around and go home eat a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and get in my bed. And I want to listen to it! The flying spaghetti monster knows I have too! The mantra “Earn Your Tailwind” has almost always helped pulled me through the worst of headwinds. I’ve started to look at life the same way, and have found solace in doing so. So with this blog, I want to encourage you, my dear reader, to earn your own tailwind. That being said, I love coffee, own two cats, have an insatiable case of wanderlust, and like food. So those things might pop up too.

Cheers to wherever you ride!


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